Chapter 02 – Trash the Dress (Live) !

Another destroy project has live!

About 2 years ago when i heard  the  title ‘Trash the Dress’ conceptual pre wedding  photo from western country i was get amazed, and i did shared this around my friends and client, but the feedback were crazy and strange. Yet i meet Kylie (the bride to be). I  discussed with her about the topic, she was get exited and wanted to try this kind of shoot.

Thanks to Kylie get ready 2 gowns for us on the section and all the way down from Ipoh, also thanks to Suki who sponsored on the make up and Behn in charged on the video. last but not least appreciate  all the help  from Jamal (sheep farm’s worker) for arranged all the goods.

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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow!! I admire your “Trash The Dress” project!! All the photos was really unique (to me)!!

  2. kyife Says:

    @Emilia - 

    hahahh feel want to take pre-wedding again mou

  3. sukimakeup Says:

    Very happy get to participate in this project “Trash The Dress”

    Thanks Clive..

  4. kyliechah Says:

    thanks you guyss…!! really thank youu!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Wow…. those pictures are amazingly taken.

    But I spot ‘the-behind’scene-of-shooting’ on tv screen. Heeheeee

    Nice photos you have, Clive!!!

  6. kyife Says:

    @xiao-ahmei - 

    wuahhahh nice observation XD

  7. toisan Says:

    i LOVED your new trash the dress series!!!

  8. kyife Says:

    @toisan - 

    Thanks for visit Toisan !

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