The Charcoal factory, Kuala Sepetang


Have a visit of this charcoal factory at Matang, Kuala Sepetang. This charcoal factory own by Mr. Chuah since 1930. This Charcoal also one of the top charcoal factory in Malaysia, a very huge factory with linking to the largest mangrove forest in Malaysia. We are purposely coming from KL just because the scenery, and this place really didn’t disappoint us~

A signature view also the first scene we saw once we arrived.

The beauty of the factory is made by wood, the sunlight easily to get in during the morning. s

There have lots of the process to making the charcoal, fire is the main process.

Few of the big stall room to keep the wood and charcoal

Me with the ray of light.

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4 Responses

  1. auyongck Says:

    Like the ray out light :P
    If the photo is a gal..should be more nice~ahaha..kidding..nice experience :P

  2. sherrina Says:

    i like pic no 1 :)
    good composition & colour :)

  3. Dennis Lee Says:

    It’s 20 minutes from my hometown — Taiping. But I never shoot there before :p

    Nice photos you’ve got here.

  4. Clive Says:

    Dennis; ohh you from Taiping too, i just so love the factory.

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