Jun 24

The day we cross along the sea of sand, and we stand on peak of the volcano.

Camera : Fujifilm zoomdate F2.8
Film : solaris 100

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May 27

Survivor Island has became a hot tourist spot after the ‘Survivor’ show 1st season. This reality show was taken at Sabah, Pulau Tiga.
Well, our purpose been there is not because of the show, is to experience of the live volcano mug!

It was the first time for me to being so muddy like a Buffalo bathing in the mud. Initially it was quite disgusting when step on it, the feeling was like ‘ewwwww…’ but after awhile trying on the ‘thick un-drown-able yogurt’, everyone started get high and fooling around :D

Apr 11

Well, this Phuket series suppose post few months ago but due to some left over film, i developed the final roll when it had been finish.

It was absolute pleasant trip while seeing clear sea and bunch of fishes swimming around, lots of huge rock was like floating around the beach. The scenery major colors just like green, blue and white…so clean and fresh! It is really a nice place for recharge. :)

Camera : fujifilm zoomdate

Films : reala, ektar 100, fuji superia 100, 200 & 400


Oct 21

A light and simple Saturday,
the corner has a lovely cafe.
We chill and snap all the way,
end up I burned 1 roll films for the cafe…

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Oct 18
Sunset 091010
Clive | zoom date f2.8 | 10 18th, 2010 | 2 Comments »

A nice evening along my camera.
I loaded my films and took a few snaps.
//Beautiful sunset.

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