Nov 16

After posted the Trash the Dress series, most of the feedbacks & doubt I get is about the same, the dress does it really need to be Trash, destroy or spoilt? The answer can be Yes also can be No.

From the beginning when I heard about this theme name, the first image pop up in my mind are totally trashes the dress! But eventually it is not necessary to be, and before shoot this series, I have gone through some samples and the concepts of TTD, most of the bride’s gown are even ultra clean and new!  Then, I believe you will get doubt like me at begin .Why still Trash the Dress?

Article about trash the dress from

“If you’ve never heard of Trash the Dress, don’t be fooled by the name. It’s a clever tag that has generated an enormous amount of publicity and is more a representation of the concept than a hard and fast reality. In fact,Trash the Dress (TTD) sessions are not about the lengths a bride or a photographer will go to to ruin a wedding dress but more importantly they are about the resulting photographs which involve creating unique images without having to worry about the dress getting dirty or damaged. These sessions have included photographing brides in unusual locations such as abandoned warehouses, rivers, railway yards, beaches, skate parks and even muddy swamps. And the truth is that most of the dresses don’t actually get trashed literally, they may get dirty and wet, but in most cases dry cleaning will get the dress looking great again.”

On this series, my conclusion is;
Beside trashing the dress, photographer and bride have to ‘trash’ their FEAR, trash the TRADITIONAL MINDSET when shooting in the stressful environment and also photographer have to GOOD use the messy background turn to be fun.

Sorry for the long story here, as a photographer I have to responsibility to bring a clear message for this, TTD is so much possibility way to present and yet so much fun, I really wish this pre-wedding trend can be get popular in Malaysia :D

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Nov 13

Another destroy project has live!

About 2 years ago when i heard  the  title ‘Trash the Dress’ conceptual pre wedding  photo from western country i was get amazed, and i did shared this around my friends and client, but the feedback were crazy and strange. Yet i meet Kylie (the bride to be). I  discussed with her about the topic, she was get exited and wanted to try this kind of shoot.

Thanks to Kylie get ready 2 gowns for us on the section and all the way down from Ipoh, also thanks to Suki who sponsored on the make up and Behn in charged on the video. last but not least appreciate  all the help  from Jamal (sheep farm’s worker) for arranged all the goods.

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