Apr 20

White sheep, black sheep, brown sheep, khakis sheep, fat sheep, skinny sheep, but all the sheep just too scare of people. Some scenery and sheep was hunted the day.

Apr 13

这次在找绵羊场的确有点艰难,连道地村民也不晓得有这么一个地方。寻问路人说找绵羊如同被外星人看待, 还摆出无奈的面容。(这班人是傻的吗?在马来西亚找绵羊??)

然后凭着直觉加上一些道地人的引导,走了许多狭窄及恶劣的路。。突然。。。青绿宽阔的草远,还有风平的静湖。一道长长的木围栏看见真正的一群绵羊在吃草,伙儿们兴奋得如豺狼在尖叫! 终于到了绵羊场!


Dec 18

If you are bored of the garden or park at Klang Valley area, there have a very nice and relaxing town nearby, it is Hulu Yam. Normally the first expression of  Hulu Yam for most of the people is Waterfall, also there have a lot bridal shop and photographers capture the pre wedding or portrait at waterfall there, but for me, the waterfall there is full of people yet rubbish everywhere.  Also, beside scenery of waterfall, you have no other choice of scenery to shoot. Unless your model can make over 1000 pose for you to shoot there … Why ‘jail’ yourself ?

Forget about the waterfall, drive further up along the road, it just only a straight road to guide you reach the Hulu Yam Town. Hulu Yam is famous of ‘Loh Mee’ and fish cake, 90% is Chinese residency.
Hulu Yam separate with two area which is Hulu Yam Bahru & Hulu Yam Lama, Hulu Yam Lama is most of my hunting spot there. Along the Hulu Yam Lama, you’ll get to see a lot of large green land, lake and full with naturally scene, every corner is good spot to photography!

But have to be note this place is extremely hot, with a lot mosquito and the capture spot is not walking distance.

It is about 30KM from Batu Cave to Hulu Yam,  it will have Signboard to guide you how to get there.
Or refence here >>

The famous Loh Mee and shooting spot i have labled in the google map, happy hunting !

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Dec 16

Now onwards i will disclosure all my favorite shooting spot, you can take reference where to shooting with your portrait. :) My first priority of shooting spot is less people, because it can reduce the stress of model also not many eyes are peeping during photography.(i am shy)XD

Let me start from the nearest spot from Kuala Lumpur City, if you would like to save on petrol, relaxing, photography in walking distance, i can suggest you explore on Putrajaya – Taman Botani.

Putrajaya got few gardens, but the most i like is Taman Botani, because this spot have all the scene i need, such like; large field, Trees, lake and more fantastic backgroud!

Taman Botani also a good place for cycling,you can get the rental fees information here>

* Please be noted that if you are planing to take Pre-wedding photography at Taman botani, the fees is RM100 per hour! Normal portrait shoot is free.

taman botani

taman botani

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