Mar 18

Again by Fujifilm Natural Black F1.9, film by fuji200 extra

this is so call baby chair!

Mar 10

After the first trip to Sg Lembing last year for waterfall and panaroma hill, this time i try to discover more deeper about this town. The target visit places all also smooth. Before going, i thought it was a mistake select this period for visiting, because raining so frequently this month…but yet, sometimes the worry is just too much …the rain does fall in the right timing also not affect for the visit.

Let me have a fast preview for the whole trip, the full series will upload when ready. :)

This is not camera noise, the night at Lembing is really full of the stars!!!

compare last year, the sunrise is more to right, now is top of the Gua Charas, the perfect sunrise of the trip!

Gua charas

The Kampung boys and girls, this house is real fantastic, been use for movie shooting before,

Also still remain the movie script and al ot old school stuff inside. Stay tune for the full series of this house review! (this is not entrance of the house, but balcony..haha)

Surprising birthday

The lembing libary

The dragging hole

Crystal house


Lembing noodle home’ factory

Fish with pure natural water

Famous Si komg’ s coffee shop

Thanks for all of you joining this, it was a super fantastic trip for me!

Jul 16

Sg Lembing photos is ready, you may download more photos here.

The Panorama shoot, click to zoom.

click to download more photos

Jul 15


Let me up for the Sg Lembing films photos first, by Natura Black, Kodak 200.
(*Use mouse wheel or click for next, refresh page again if picture not loaded)

Jul 14


托车都还插着钥匙! 村民们都友善得不得了,他们是很欢迎外地人到那里参观的。