Aug 19

The last batch of film series is ready to view. total 30mb and 122 photos to load.

向我的natura black最后致敬。请点

Aug 10
Folks in trip
Clive | Travel | 08 10th, 2009 | 9 Comments »

There some quotes by the folks after get down from mountain;

Sherinna : I want to hike with full make up for next trip and reach by 2pm.
Sabrina : I need to get a very tight pants for the hike which not blow off by wind.
Auntie : I’m not afraid for the mountain but just the cold…
Leong : the bread is the best in my entire life at the mountain.
Jeff : i need to get timberland shoes for next trip!
Sherina : i need full set of ‘the north face’ equipment for next trip!
Me : you all have good excuse, but this certs only worth to rub my butt!!!

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Aug 7

Digital image will upload first for the trip photos, some children shots at the tip of Borneo.
Still have 5 rolls film to go. stay tune :D

All these kid stay at the beach, under the atap roof…

Aug 6
the wind
Clive | Travel | 08 6th, 2009 | 1 Comment »

Some video recorded by phone. the strange wind at KK.

Aug 5


This trip was surrounded by the strange wind at the Borneo, we reach mt. Kinabalu using mersilau track go along with the wind, not manage to walk stable and even hardly to breath with the air mix up with water, reach the raban rata plus the strong wind, and we stayed at Gunting Lagadan and near freezing point which just -10 degree celcius. The wind keep blowing and all the hiker at Raban Rata are not allow to go peak due to the safety issue.

But personally feel that the wind is so exited :D

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