May 27

Survivor Island has became a hot tourist spot after the ‘Survivor’ show 1st season. This reality show was taken at Sabah, Pulau Tiga.
Well, our purpose been there is not because of the show, is to experience of the live volcano mug!

It was the first time for me to being so muddy like a Buffalo bathing in the mud. Initially it was quite disgusting when step on it, the feeling was like ‘ewwwww…’ but after awhile trying on the ‘thick un-drown-able yogurt’, everyone started get high and fooling around :D

Jan 6

Been to Kota Kinabalu to cover 2 wedding assignments for this shooting trip. The first wedding fall on new year day by Eric & Alice.

This beautiful wedding with full of blessed, joy and songs performance. It was a very fun shooting moment!
I ask Alice why title is Frangce of Love, and she explained to me that their wedding is like fragrance and all the people can feel the love. And..this the wedding happen.

Aug 5


This trip was surrounded by the strange wind at the Borneo, we reach mt. Kinabalu using mersilau track go along with the wind, not manage to walk stable and even hardly to breath with the air mix up with water, reach the raban rata plus the strong wind, and we stayed at Gunting Lagadan and near freezing point which just -10 degree celcius. The wind keep blowing and all the hiker at Raban Rata are not allow to go peak due to the safety issue.

But personally feel that the wind is so exited :D