May 15

This was year 2008 photos, using Issuu application to combine as a slideshow.
Will be heading to mt.Kinabalu again this august for another round of hike!

This slide show is the whole process of hiking with Mersialau’s trail.
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Dec 11

The beauty of this hill is the tall and dense weed, not feeling itchy on skin, yet it is so soft when crossing by…When the strong wind blowing, the weed will like dancing at the hill…the Broga Hill at Semenyih.

My film series of broga Hill, by Natura Black , film : Fujifilm 200

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An outing to Broga Hill

Jul 2
Mt.Kinabalu Day 3-5
Clive | hiking, Travel | 07 2nd, 2008 | 5 Comments »

Final photos for the Mt.Kinabalu, depart from Mesilau’s trail on 8;45am to Half hill – Raban Rata.
Total 6.7KM to reach. Weather is bad on the day, it was raining few times when climbing, There have like never ending staircase to go through, but yet scenery is damn good. I reach Raban Rata on 4pm, weather is cold.

We had our buffet dinner on 5pm, then have to start to sleep, because morning 2am have to gather and climb to peak. We was ready on 2am, but too bad also the hard rain to stop us getting up, portal ask us whether need to try luck if the peak no rain, if not half way have to turn back. We just gamble this time, and luckly, the weather is getting good during up. It was like more more challenge to waiting us, most of the hiker give up on the most slope area…
i was totally exhausted but still not reach the peak, sky is full of star, road is dark…it is only can see the light from my head light..just keep walking..walk 10 steps and rest and continuous… portal keep encouraging, finally i was there, the peak 4095.2

You can download photos here

(Photos for the whole hiking track)

You can download photos here

(Photos for the whole hiking track)

Jul 1
Kota Kinabalu Day1-3
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Departed Kota Kinabalu at 25th June 12pm , Our tour guide direct bring us to their local seafood restaurant to try the freshly seafood there, then we start the bus journey almost whole day to the Hot Spring resort. Sky was dark early than peninsular Malaysia…when near 6pm is already like 8pm in KL…We just fully relax as we can before climb to the mountain.

You can download the Day 1 and 3 photos here

This stall is the best grill chicken wing with the original honey.

Reach Kinabalu park at evening, slighty can saw the face of mt. Kinabalu…

Next morning 6am…the sky was bright with the moon.

Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world

The morning view at Mesilau Resort, before depart

You can download the Day 1 and 3 photos here

Jun 29

28th June 2008, 5.08am. I stepped on the 4095.2M. Been get through all the challenge of the cold, the tiring, the difficulty..the mindset… I was fully exhausted during the walk,  i never think of giving up…i asked myself keep moving, don’t look back, also the positive message from the portal is so encouraging…and yes i was there.

I move on to the peak, i take out my glove, it have some ice freezed on my hand,  it was so cold, i guess it is around 0 degree.I take out my camera pass to a nice gentlemen help me take a picture, and pose! yes finally…

I am the first of the group on the peak weee~~showing off my ‘lansi’ face

We are top 4 before 5.30 am

I conquered it !

Mt Kinabalu jump,the highest jump of my life, air was so thin, is very hard to jump.

Mr. Kung fu in action, the cloud is so amazing when the peak near the sky.

Pose pose

The feeling of sleep on the mt. kinabalu is so fantastic, it is more wonderful than ‘Dunopillow’

Sleep on the peak, and look to the sky…

The yoga boy Eosh

Silly on the peak~

Is here…

I got you!

Thanks for the friends who support and encouraging, thanks to my love one and all the mountain guide.
It was unbelievable i was on the peak, also the amazing scenery. I will be back!