May 17

A  place that shouldn’t be miss when visit to Bangkok – Talad Rot Fai.
The origin location actually was an abandoned railway station and converted to antique market.

There have lots of second hand stuffs and true antiques (toys, camera, accessories, furniture etc) can be found at the market! Another special thing is the train yards also transformed to a huge antique  gallery, it is quite a fascinating market worth to spend a whole night there!



The location is nearby the Chatuchak market click to view map >>
Open on weekend 5pm to midnight.

Camera : Fujifilm zoomdate f2.8
Film : Solaris 400

Jun 24

The day we cross along the sea of sand, and we stand on peak of the volcano.

Camera : Fujifilm zoomdate F2.8
Film : solaris 100

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Aug 1

“Ecru” is French for “unbleached.” The name of this concept camera was chosen to symbolize its intended role as a tool for living an intellectually enhanced life as natural as unbleached cloth. This concept is symbolized in the white body of the camera, which was sold as a limited edition of 10,000 units in Japan and 10,000 overseas.

This camera born at year 1991 almost 20 years old. Second conceptual camera by Olympus after the ‘Olympus O product’. Just a normal point and shoot camera with prime 35mm lens f3.5, nothing much about the spec but the outlook design playing the main role (seems like greece pillar XD). A ‘friendly’ and ‘easy going’ camera while during the street shoot.

Here’s we go the unboxing series.

A parcel was received

Open up, with few layers of bubble paper. Seller had removed the batteries incase it melt.


Box open, the first thing appear is the string case.


Follow by is the warranty card ( no longer available) with manual book.


the main stuff, covered with protection


The real face


Plug on lens cap


Closer look. flash, focusing point, metering.


Rear view


Film load case


Top view, shutter button, flash mode and self timer.


worldwide limited number


Operate with AAA baterries


Focusing LED, small digital screen of film left.


Overall view, the early 90s design


Mar 29

There have some lessons would happen when using on a rangefinder camera;
Forget to take off lens cap, losses film, forget turning the right ASA, accidentally open the film case…
I had meet all the above cases cause the photos failure, feeling so nuts! :P

And this time i forget to set my camera back from the bulb mode, when i realized it already taken half roll of film. And of-cause the first part pictures all blur. T.T

Here is some of my favorite film shots

Stallroom between the charcoal

Boat crossing by the Sepetang’s mangrove forest.

Some view when walking way up to the Maxwell’s hill Cafe.

Mar 18

Again by Fujifilm Natural Black F1.9, film by fuji200 extra

this is so call baby chair!