Dec 28

The couple are working in US and came back to Malaysia to celebrate their big day.  Kyna is the bride origin from Guan Zhou, China. During the initial communication via emails, they saw one of my albums about the Chinese traditional wedding with sedan chair. They wereso interested to do this on their wedding day, I gave Zhi Wei’s mother the shop contact to arrange this special section.

During the wedding day, It was raining heavily when the groom and bride were getting ready for the chinese sedan chair section. But miracle happened once they departed, the rain just stopped and let the couple finish the walk. It also let me have a smooth shooting. After they arrived at home it started to rain again

Mar 26


耐心 – 把一碗绿豆与红豆分出来。
尊敬老婆 - 把桌上的食物给吃完。
贴心 - 做三明治给老婆吃,吃完后兄弟要清理屋子。

The meaningful ‘Play Groom’ Section

Patience - Separate the green and red bean.
Respect wife – Finish the food on the table.
Be a lovely husband – Make sandwich and clean the house.