May 17

A  place that shouldn’t be miss when visit to Bangkok – Talad Rot Fai.
The origin location actually was an abandoned railway station and converted to antique market.

There have lots of second hand stuffs and true antiques (toys, camera, accessories, furniture etc) can be found at the market! Another special thing is the train yards also transformed to a huge antique  gallery, it is quite a fascinating market worth to spend a whole night there!



The location is nearby the Chatuchak market click to view map >>
Open on weekend 5pm to midnight.

Camera : Fujifilm zoomdate f2.8
Film : Solaris 400

Nov 30

Nice Christmas deco can be seen around Bangkok shopping malls during this trip, weather also not that hot compare my previous Bangkok trip, the last 2 day was blow cold wind from morning and night, it is a good time to visit Bangkok at November. Below are some film photos taken.

Romantic X’mas tree in front of Platinum fashion mall

Cabs, like rainbow on the Bangkok road

Scenery at floating market

Fruits seller with a kind smile

Busy river

A relaxing boat trip around water village

Public phone, chair are provided

Checker and fancy bags attract my sight

The designer who design the character tees

Ugly and pretty face

Poor dog on the rushing street

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Nov 26
Goodies from Bangkok
Clive | film, Travel | 11 26th, 2009 | 18 Comments »

Bangkok is a real shopping heaven for girls (for boys, perhaps…), everywhere is the girl stuffs from head to toe, and the 1 stop fashion mall building with 6th floor 90% is girls stall. Street, market, on the boat, every corner can shop! Just spend it!!!

Some of my stuffs from bangkok…

Got an Olympus Pen half frame camera from Chatuchak market! it is cheap, but not sure about the quality yet.

Also get the flash from the same seller which is super cheap! i shall get all the flashes from there T.T
Converted to currency here it just around rm31 only…. it can be use for most of the film camera.
Now my Yashica GTN have the completely full set :D

Found the 110 format film introduced by the seller get it from Siam discovery Loft.
This film is new and cute, but price is so expensive! Yet the Voltron star shooter meet the 110!

Designer tees is everywhere, importantly nice and cheap!!! Got myself 9 shirts and 4 pants.
My mum saw the hanging mickey directly yell out ‘大吉利事!!!’ (touch wood!) but nice for me :P