Sheep Farm Discovery II

White sheep, black sheep, brown sheep, khakis sheep, fat sheep, skinny sheep, but all the sheep just too scare of people. Some scenery and sheep was hunted the day.

10 Responses

  1. sherrina Says:

    thanks for sharing :)
    nice place for portrait :)

  2. rabbito Says:

    benchin so pretty~ when go again?

  3. Cheeheng Says:

    Can’t wait to go again!!!

  4. Andrew Says:

    And I tot the sheep scared of ppl but you guys manage to hold them in your arms. haha

    And now only i realize Benchin so fair. lol

  5. emilia Says:

    wow!! this time curi curi go with benchin only huh? anyway, benchin looks very pretty in those photos! :)

  6. Clive Says:

    thanks, btw not curi curi …..

  7. auyongck Says:

    finally i see ur secret garden~whahaha….bring model go shooting ya… :P

  8. alicemeow Says:

    Bring me!!!!!!!!~ ^_^

  9. migin Says:

    i like the pics that ur gf stand on the engine one, so cool~ vy nice place ler…

  10. ah v Says:

    where is the sheep farm location
    is nice la…

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