Sepetang in Film | Yashica 35 GTN

There have some lessons would happen when using on a rangefinder camera;
Forget to take off lens cap, losses film, forget turning the right ASA, accidentally open the film case…
I had meet all the above cases cause the photos failure, feeling so nuts! :P

And this time i forget to set my camera back from the bulb mode, when i realized it already taken half roll of film. And of-cause the first part pictures all blur. T.T

Here is some of my favorite film shots

Stallroom between the charcoal

Boat crossing by the Sepetang’s mangrove forest.

Some view when walking way up to the Maxwell’s hill Cafe.

5 Responses

  1. sherrina Says:

    feel sad of the half roll of film :(
    like the “Boat crossing ……”

  2. London Caller Says:

    You’ve got lots of excellent photos here. :)
    Sepetang looks like a fun place to take photos.

  3. Clive Says:

    hi london caller, yes, you may come back and pay a visit there.

  4. Dennis Lee Says:

    Wow love the bench picture.

    I just love the dynamic range of films. It gives the pictures more feel compare to digital.

    Is it expensive to develop films nowadays?

  5. Clive Says:

    Dennis, Develop negative + scan = RM10. interested to play film? :P

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