Out with the old, In with the new.

New year new environment, me and my family has moved to a new apartment at Kepong, this apartment is not big, yet at the 17th floor corner unit and rewards us a very good view, this is a fantastic priceless things for me, now i can take the KLCC view anytime at my house~! :D

The big boy room

slowly, the photos will stick full of the wall :P (have to ask my mum change my rabbit bed sheet!)

7 Responses

  1. rabbito Says:

    wuah… ur laptop got ombak~

  2. 克仔 Says:

    嘩… 靚夜景嚄~

    咦… 乜唔係貼满你啲天使嘅靚相咩 XD

  3. ShErRinA Says:

    Congratulation for your new sweet home:) got house-warming?

  4. onnyee Says:

    wah…nice toys,nice room,nice view and congrates! haha….yalo,got house-warming?

  5. Clive Says:

    hehethe wave is 1 of the Japanese art, Hokusai


    Sherrina and onnyee, hahah come on cny ~

  6. eddy fun Says:


  7. emilia Says:

    你就好啦,有新屋過年!! 哈哈哈!!!

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