Our Houz | Initial, Process and Ready stage

After overcome all sorts of headache, sleepless and problems…and finally the house is ready!

10 Responses

  1. miawru Says:

    simple and nice~ like the white, red, yellow combination…

  2. clive Says:

    thanks miawru~

  3. sherrina Says:

    home sweet home ^.^ looks like show unit~ well done ~

  4. clive Says:

    thanks sherrina, welcome anytime ^^

  5. onnyee Says:

    x pergi lagi la!! =/

  6. clive Says:

    come have a drinks~ :D

  7. Emilia Says:

    can i bring along my son and let my son jump onto your bed ar? your master bedroom look comfy!

  8. Clive Says:

    walao…cannot XD

  9. ahfook Says:

    Wow, congratulations! Nice indeed!

  10. Clive Says:

    Thanks ahfook!!

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