My favorite shooting spot #1 – Taman Botani

Now onwards i will disclosure all my favorite shooting spot, you can take reference where to shooting with your portrait. :) My first priority of shooting spot is less people, because it can reduce the stress of model also not many eyes are peeping during photography.(i am shy)XD

Let me start from the nearest spot from Kuala Lumpur City, if you would like to save on petrol, relaxing, photography in walking distance, i can suggest you explore on Putrajaya – Taman Botani.

Putrajaya got few gardens, but the most i like is Taman Botani, because this spot have all the scene i need, such like; large field, Trees, lake and more fantastic backgroud!

Taman Botani also a good place for cycling,you can get the rental fees information here>

* Please be noted that if you are planing to take Pre-wedding photography at Taman botani, the fees is RM100 per hour! Normal portrait shoot is free.

taman botani

taman botani

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11 Responses

  1. ahfook Says:

    Thanks for the tips :D It’s useful

  2. Terrick Says:

    How about the Time? When is the best time for shooting?

  3. Terrick Says:

    Morning? Afternoon or Evening?

  4. clive Says:

    terrick ; i am not sure the sun location at east m’sia, but at west m’sia i think the best timing for outdoor shooting time is morning 7-10am, or evening 5-7pm. just avoid the strong sunlight will do :D

  5. 克仔 Says:

    嘩…. 克利夫大導《天使攝影景點》系列… 掂吖!

  6. Terrick Says:

    Hmm.. like that I think the best time for east malaysia will be 6-9am and 4-6pm.. bcoz the sun rise and set ealier than west malaysia..

    Thanks~ !

  7. 艾迪先生 Says:


  8. nottyboy Says:

    nice place and photos

  9. Lee Says:


    I’m just wondering, is it better to have photoshooting on weekend or weekdays in Putrajaya? Which days will have less people there?

  10. keili Says:

    i love your photos! very much!
    haha. good work!

  11. Abby Says:

    Hi hi, nice pics. Did u see anyone bringing their dogs there?

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