Irene & Qiqi

Qiqi is my company intern, she is a real happy go lucky girl and always bringing a smile.
And one day she found out me know to take photograph. She nagging me by skype almost a month for take her leng leng picture. An 30 years old man as me wanted to get rid of this nagging attack and decided to give her a ‘wonderful’ portrait section.

She brought her elder sister Irene for company, and i was like a goldfish uncle of the day. They are so exited buzzy all the way to the destination, and keep yelling ‘shoothing is fun! ‘ I get them involved to carry speedlights and reflector during the shot, after the section they get sunburn..hoho.

she gonna leave my company for the 6 months training, i wish her have a bright future ahead!

2 Responses

  1. Andrew Says:

    haha…so i think she has stop nagging now!

  2. sherrina Says:

    hahahah~~~~ pic no 5 “LIKE”

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