Good morning Kuala Lumpur

Every morning once i step out from my house, i will take a second to look at the KL city.
A morning greet to KL city, and telling myself later i will be there again.

This photo is captured on Monday morning the day after the heavy rain, the view is absolutely clear ,
yet very peaceful and a calm morning.,.

Good morning Kuala Lumpur.

10 Responses

  1. svmm3r Says:

    Everyday also will been there…
    but still happy and taking picture…
    Hope me myself can be like that…

  2. Clive Says:

    summer : when you wanna come back to visit us? we got new office~

  3. Jess Says:

    nice KL landscape.

  4. Emilia Says:

    Really nice landscape.. i wish i also can see this from my house every morning… ^_^

  5. clive Says:

    jess : 非常好 :D
    emilia : room for rent~ahah

  6. miawru Says:

    you stay kepong right? so near to kl town?

  7. clive Says:

    miawru : no jam 20 mnt, if jam add 1 hour :D

  8. jordan Says:

    i think few more months~~ i think i can always see kl view in the morning….

  9. 凡人旅館 Says:

    such a great photo

  10. emily @ shinyshampoo Says:

    i miss KL oh…

    sigh… thanks for this pic.. will keep it…

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