Glen & Cass Maternity

This time i tried the another mood of the maternity shot.
Thanks to Glen and Cass for this opportunity.
Hope you like this series.

8 Responses

  1. Kun Says:

    wahhh..nice set..i like the lighting n the mood

  2. 特瑞克 Says:

    Loving the 3rd photo.. Great feel and lighting.. Lovely..

  3. 克仔 Says:


    照咁嚟睇… 你已成功搶灘殺入孕婦攝影行列喇!

  4. onnyee Says:


  5. 五月凤凰 Says:


  6. clive Says:

    thanks everyone!

    克仔 : 几时我有那种荣幸为你一家来一册? 哈哈哈

    五月凤凰 :几时你要搞大 sherrina 给我也来一册?哈哈哈

  7. sherrina Says:

    walaoeh!!! pandai do business lor…..

  8. Cass Says:

    Thanks Clive, I love all of the photos so much

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