Coey in portrait

It has been awhile not having a portrait section, previous portraits shooting me rarely using my 50mm lens for shoot, but for this section me unfreeze the lens and also some analogue mode (film).

Introduce to you,  Coey :D

Film series come next…

6 Responses

  1. coey Says:

    erm….post only those u think nice wor… not nice dun post wor….
    for sure u skill is good, jz the model not good enough….. =P

  2. sherrina Says:

    i like the bokeh :)

  3. jchan Says:

    she look likes Zhang La La.. Korean star. :D

    Nice portrait shoot. ^-^

  4. Clive Says:

    jchan, quite wor, i think got abit look like young version 应采儿 for some angle.hahaha!

  5. auyongck Says:

    i like the color , bokeh and compostion~hahha…nice :)

  6. 昇杰 Says:

    never intro to me one? lol

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