CNY holiday end…

No more holidays T.T miss the activities, is time to tune the working mood ahead.
Back for blogging, everyone got Huat Huat ? :D

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  1. 克仔 Says:


    嘩!副牌咁爛… 變有得玩吖~

  2. Clive Says:

    咩无得变啊,三变六,加2+2 =十,再带囡同KING,牛十~~~!!! 双赔!

  3. 克仔 Says:

    好賽雷喲~ 要唔要杜神猪古律吖?

  4. Emilia Says:

    你又話今年好邪唔賭既?! 而且仲拿咁靚既牌添!! 難道”uncle uncle唧唧叫” 無邪到你?! 哈哈哈哈!!!!

  5. eddy Says:


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