Closer look into Yashica GTN

A closer look to my Yashicha GTN

Camera Year build : 1971-1977
Everyone’s father probably had 1…

Taken with Sony H1.

8 Responses

  1. sherrina Says:

    damn nice :) dont talk so much! when can u lend me???? heeeeeeee

  2. 克仔 Says:

    睇到隔離口水爹爹渧吖!!! XD

  3. emily @ shinyshampoo Says:

    wah antique…

  4. Andrew Says:

    wow…another new camera? looks good wo!!!

  5. Clive Says:

    hahah ‘old’ camera actually :P

  6. Liyin Says:

    I have one too. Under utilised. Just lent it to Jess recently…

  7. clive Says:

    hi liyin, heard your big name so long liao :D
    what else camera also under utilize can loan me also ..hehehe

  8. Insider | i create angel » Goodies from Bangkok Says:

    [...] converted to here it just around rm31 only…. it can use for most of the film camera. Now my Yashica GTN have the completely full [...]

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