City sunrise

The day morning have to wake up early to work, then i realized that my house also can have a sunrise view.
No sea clouds, but still not bad ya?

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  1. strong boy Says:

    Walau…next time we dun hav to go sg lembing to see sunrise. We can hav fun at ur home and see sun sire ler. haha…

  2. rabbito Says:

    下次去你家camp. 好方便呐~

  3. 特瑞克 Says:

    会不会过份点啊~ 日出可以看到~ KLCC夜景都可以看到~ 风水甘靓哦~ 狠死隔篱~

  4. emily @ shinyshampoo Says:


  5. pestkwan Says:

    feel so fresh…ur home!

  6. joyce Says:


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