Nov 8
Clive | zoom date f2.8 | 11 8th, 2011 | 1 Comment »

A very new experience of flying! Feeling as light as a bird with the surrounding view of Port Klang.

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Sep 6

Bali - The 3rd impressions

The 3rd times been Bali, still love the culture and the air there.

Totally refreshed from the Scenery, People  &  Spiritual.


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Jun 24

The day we cross along the sea of sand, and we stand on peak of the volcano.

Camera : Fujifilm zoomdate F2.8
Film : solaris 100

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Jun 7

We decided to have some shot for festival of  Wesak day. Early in the morning, we followed the devotees to the nearest Wat Chetawan for the celebration which is located at PJ Gasing.

It was my first time visit to this temple. This Thai Buddhist temple really open my eyes, it is so huge and the sky was freaking blue that day, its stand up the features of the Wat Chetawan, shining and beautiful.

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May 27

Survivor Island has became a hot tourist spot after the ‘Survivor’ show 1st season. This reality show was taken at Sabah, Pulau Tiga.
Well, our purpose been there is not because of the show, is to experience of the live volcano mug!

It was the first time for me to being so muddy like a Buffalo bathing in the mud. Initially it was quite disgusting when step on it, the feeling was like ‘ewwwww…’ but after awhile trying on the ‘thick un-drown-able yogurt’, everyone started get high and fooling around :D

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