Jun 7

We decided to have some shot for festival of  Wesak day. Early in the morning, we followed the devotees to the nearest Wat Chetawan for the celebration which is located at PJ Gasing.

It was my first time visit to this temple. This Thai Buddhist temple really open my eyes, it is so huge and the sky was freaking blue that day, its stand up the features of the Wat Chetawan, shining and beautiful.

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May 27

Survivor Island has became a hot tourist spot after the ‘Survivor’ show 1st season. This reality show was taken at Sabah, Pulau Tiga.
Well, our purpose been there is not because of the show, is to experience of the live volcano mug!

It was the first time for me to being so muddy like a Buffalo bathing in the mud. Initially it was quite disgusting when step on it, the feeling was like ‘ewwwww…’ but after awhile trying on the ‘thick un-drown-able yogurt’, everyone started get high and fooling around :D

Jul 12

在这一次的拍摄,我领悟了- 镜头下是没有陌生的距离。

Fujifilm Natura Black + Yashica GTN + expired fujifilm 200.

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May 11

在 Tg Sepat 有一个这样的庆典,从晚上潮州大戏直到天亮的游行。
这三年一次的诞对 Tg Sepat 居民是蛮重视的日子,在游行中大部分家家户户都摆着供品,


Yashica GTN + Wide Angle Aux |fujifilm 400

Mar 29

There have some lessons would happen when using on a rangefinder camera;
Forget to take off lens cap, losses film, forget turning the right ASA, accidentally open the film case…
I had meet all the above cases cause the photos failure, feeling so nuts! :P

And this time i forget to set my camera back from the bulb mode, when i realized it already taken half roll of film. And of-cause the first part pictures all blur. T.T

Here is some of my favorite film shots

Stallroom between the charcoal

Boat crossing by the Sepetang’s mangrove forest.

Some view when walking way up to the Maxwell’s hill Cafe.

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