Sep 8

When going to end the banquet of the wedding, those kid almost ruin the stage while the bubbles flying out, there are just so cute.

Jul 20

Interact with people is a fun thing, this is the first wedding make me full of laugh during the job.

When ended the wedding ceremony, i arranged the couple for some personal section in their room,
I ask them posing for the shot, then Poh Suan the wife suddenly request me something,

Poh Suan : Clive, can we request some crazy pose?
Me : what?! ( i think they are saying the right magic keyword to me, how dare they mentioned a ‘crazy’ wording on me!!! and this start rocking my mind..)
Then i ask them : are you dare to hide inside the wardrobe to shoot?
They so exited and replied me : Why not?! our wardrobe is so big and can fit us nicely!
Then they just go inside without guiding and play around the clothes…

and the crazy shot is begin…they are just so fun and cute!

Mar 4
the book
Clive | Sharing, Wedding Photoraphy | 03 4th, 2009 | 7 Comments »

I printed some of my wedding photos as a folio in photobook :D
Quite satisfied with the color and quality, also get another 1 book free!
I uploaded my file to them on monday and get my book on friday! this is so efficient!

You can have your own from
Put in my referral code you may get 10% discount :D   : 7L4845TY

Use mei mei as my cover ^^

Dec 30
D300 + 30D
Clive | Wedding Photoraphy | 12 30th, 2008 | 5 Comments »

My camera is still in the factory, but wedding job still have to go on..i borrowed a Canon 30D from Eddy to handle some of the wedding jobs. It took me some time to explore on Canon as most of the Canon functions is reversed from Nikon DSLR…

D300 still in the factory for no reason, queuing…T.T I made noise to Nikon service centre,  Nikon finally loan me another set of D300 to use first , so it just reached at the right timing.
Since the cameras are here, i tried to use these 2 cameras at the same time.

Thanks to Eddy, now i can use Canon too..hahaha :D

Dec 5

Sometimes not every wedding have nice decorations, and also experienced the ‘Ji Muis’ (bride maid) last minute absence, Groom reach the bride house one hour plus but bride still in half make up… not even the bride, but as a photographer also will get panic at the moment… i told the bride forget about the pretty Ji muis, forget about the late and timing…focus on yourself  and let me focus on these moment.

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