May 17

Portrait section at air-force area.

Freda is always my preferable model,  she can give the right ‘mood’ into different theme of  shot.
Thanks to the Air-force management provide such fabulous venue for the shot!

Aug 1

2 years back i had a portrait section with Aivy.

And till last week, i met her sister Cassandra for the evening shot. They do look alike!

Jun 14

This round we messed under the drain with the colorful graffiti, really thanks to all the friends who help carried the stuffs and contributed the joy. It is another new experience of shot!

more photos on facebook

Jun 7

Freda – a girl who frequent shout hungry in my office…( that’s my first thought of her XD )

She requested me early for some ‘young and cute shot’, but i was doubt on her look with the character…
Maybe it can be something different for her (on the main time me also try to get rid of cute and young shot for future portrait!).
So i tried to advices her to changed totally different from her own character in this shot.

And yeah, she is not cute. But absolutely a Coooool girl!
Also thanks to Andrew mate of the day for working out this.

This is not Freda i know, perhaps she is Dafre~

May 31

Continues the strobist journey, this time we get Kelly for the night shot.
Same shooter with Andrew and Chee Heng, 3flying flashes was sync on the night.
It’s a hard job on night shooting…Thanks to Kelly for the patient:)