Aug 30

This Fujifilm Zoom date F2.8 camera has stopped production on year 2007. It is so hardly to get all new in box camera which is already stopped production.

The special things on this camera is the super wide 24mm in fullframe, the sharpness quality of the Super EBC lens, and 3 shutter buttons on camera (left right handle + self snap). Awarded by EISA on year 2002-2003. It also has another name Fujifilm Silvi f2.8 which is only in Japan. You may view some of my photos using the natura black with is same lens and same wide.

All the  Fuji’s Point & Shoot camera was selling like hot cake. The price for the second hand value at Taiwan and Hong Kong has been raised up to about RM600-1000. Auctions &

Get from me at RM450with ALL NEW in box!!! (limited stocks) SOLD


The box

the packages : Pouch, manual, string, camera, CR2 battery and also with Remote!!

3 shutter buttons!

Remote for shutter press, which also can control natura’s series camera!

Side by side, fujifilm zoom date f2.8 & natura  black f1.9

Feb 9


3rd February is an exited day to meet the lighting master – Joe McNally.
There are so much of inspirations, knowledge sharing and amaze during the workshop.
He is hilarious, passionate with career and importantly he is a genius on the lighting.
Truly fantastic workshop and Seminar by Joe McNally and wedshooter’s team!



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Dec 3
A hero to reveal…
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Watch this!

Nov 9

“Some friends come and go like a season. Others are arranged in our lives for good reason.”

Nov 6
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中年啊中年~ 我是充满活力的中年人 XD

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