Jun 7

Freda – a girl who frequent shout hungry in my office…( that’s my first thought of her XD )

She requested me early for some ‘young and cute shot’, but i was doubt on her look with the character…
Maybe it can be something different for her (on the main time me also try to get rid of cute and young shot for future portrait!).
So i tried to advices her to changed totally different from her own character in this shot.

And yeah, she is not cute. But absolutely a Coooool girl!
Also thanks to Andrew mate of the day for working out this.

This is not Freda i know, perhaps she is Dafre~

May 21
Kerry | Jalan Alor
Clive | Portrait | 05 21st, 2010 | 5 Comments »

I am not a bokeh fans, portrait with scene is still my favorite.
This round we get Kerry at Jalan Alor for the street portrait section, team up with Andrew & Chee Heng on the strobist lighting.

May 3
Irene & Qiqi
Clive | Portrait | 05 3rd, 2010 | 2 Comments »

Qiqi is my company intern, she is a real happy go lucky girl and always bringing a smile.
And one day she found out me know to take photograph. She nagging me by skype almost a month for take her leng leng picture. An 30 years old man as me wanted to get rid of this nagging attack and decided to give her a ‘wonderful’ portrait section.

She brought her elder sister Irene for company, and i was like a goldfish uncle of the day. They are so exited buzzy all the way to the destination, and keep yelling ‘shoothing is fun! ‘ I get them involved to carry speedlights and reflector during the shot, after the section they get sunburn..hoho.

she gonna leave my company for the 6 months training, i wish her have a bright future ahead!

Nov 13



Nov 11
Coey in portrait
Clive | Portrait | 11 11th, 2009 | 6 Comments »

It has been awhile not having a portrait section, previous portraits shooting me rarely using my 50mm lens for shoot, but for this section me unfreeze the lens and also some analogue mode (film).

Introduce to you,  Coey :D

Film series come next…

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