Apr 20

White sheep, black sheep, brown sheep, khakis sheep, fat sheep, skinny sheep, but all the sheep just too scare of people. Some scenery and sheep was hunted the day.

Apr 13

这次在找绵羊场的确有点艰难,连道地村民也不晓得有这么一个地方。寻问路人说找绵羊如同被外星人看待, 还摆出无奈的面容。(这班人是傻的吗?在马来西亚找绵羊??)

然后凭着直觉加上一些道地人的引导,走了许多狭窄及恶劣的路。。突然。。。青绿宽阔的草远,还有风平的静湖。一道长长的木围栏看见真正的一群绵羊在吃草,伙儿们兴奋得如豺狼在尖叫! 终于到了绵羊场!


Mar 26


Have a visit of this charcoal factory at Matang, Kuala Sepetang. This charcoal factory own by Mr. Chuah since 1930. This Charcoal also one of the top charcoal factory in Malaysia, a very huge factory with linking to the largest mangrove forest in Malaysia. We are purposely coming from KL just because the scenery, and this place really didn’t disappoint us~

A signature view also the first scene we saw once we arrived.

The beauty of the factory is made by wood, the sunlight easily to get in during the morning. s

There have lots of the process to making the charcoal, fire is the main process.

Few of the big stall room to keep the wood and charcoal

Me with the ray of light.

More photos at Facebook

Oct 28

Some film photos taken from previous trip.
more photos at facebook

Oct 10

The registration process was improve for this year event, no more long que on the counter, but no more breakfast, tower and lanyard provided.:P Due to this and force had the bad and expensive breakfast in the lagoon stall…rm10 for chicken rice, rm8 for yucky burger…

The theme title for the day : Splash , Red and Shooting in Action. 

Buddies of the day

Red sea, around 2500 photographers participated for the day.

Bad breakfast stall


Photographer in actions

Also have birthday boy for the day..

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