Aug 9
Hong Kong Sight
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侍应: 先生,列牌定双拼?
我: 哈? 咩来咯?! ‘青菜’得唔?

I didn’t visit most of the major attraction; just Wwent to some spots to capture
Walked across to the ‘metal forest’, try to involve to the culture as what i can.

Camera : natura black

Film : expired fujifilm superia 200, Kodak 200

Full analogue photos at my facebook

Aug 5



There is a special scene at HK that the tram go across the market,
I took this opportunity to visit and had a street shot section.

Camera : natura black + expired fuji superia 200 film

It was a heavy rain morning, i took MTR to North Point search for the market.

I reached Chun Yeung Street, the legend of tram crossing the market XD

Not even 3 minutes i saw the tram in middle of market…wow~

I walked further into the market, raining but another feel.

Tram is coming slowly…with sounds ding ding…ding

People gotta move aside

Kok Wai’s Pork stall. Since is a fate, so i captured it

Jul 12

在这一次的拍摄,我领悟了- 镜头下是没有陌生的距离。

Fujifilm Natura Black + Yashica GTN + expired fujifilm 200.

more photos on facebook

Aug 26
Dead or Alive
Clive | natura black | 08 26th, 2009 | 4 Comments »

I have sent my Natura black to Fujifilm service center try to repair last week, and last 2 days the service guy called me.

Fujifilm : Sir, your camera we cannot repair, because Japan have discontinue this product.
Me : May i know whats the major problem?
Fujifilm : The cable connect to the screen was spoil, so we need to replace a new one.
Me : So what can i do?
Fujifilm : You have to take it back sir.
Me : oh no…

And the next day i called to the service center again for some hope..

Me: Hi sir, can you try to find other natura model see the cable is suitable for this?
Fujifilm : Japan side told us no more spare parts…
Me : can try to repair?
Fujifilm : no, totally cannot…need a new one , it was crack.
Me : This is very important camera to me, i hope  you can help.
Fujifilm : alright, i try look for other service centers in japan see got luck or not…let you know again
Me : thank you so much sir!

It will dead or alive…? Or anyone good in electronic can help?

Aug 19

The last batch of film series is ready to view. total 30mb and 122 photos to load.

向我的natura black最后致敬。请点

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