Jul 9

Maybe this is my most expensive waterfall’s trip in entire life, cause i fell into water with two of my precious cameras T.T Some photos taken before the camera fell :P

The first i went to this falls was about 10 years ago, now there have renovated the main entrance and I feel more secure to enter this jungle. Some jungle tackling, river crossing, climbing action needed before reaching the top. There are total of a 6 rivers to cross! and the river is quite deep and gushing rapidly!

Roughly take about 1 and half hour to reach to the peak of the waterfall.

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Mar 10

After the first trip to Sg Lembing last year for waterfall and panaroma hill, this time i try to discover more deeper about this town. The target visit places all also smooth. Before going, i thought it was a mistake select this period for visiting, because raining so frequently this month…but yet, sometimes the worry is just too much …the rain does fall in the right timing also not affect for the visit.

Let me have a fast preview for the whole trip, the full series will upload when ready. :)

This is not camera noise, the night at Lembing is really full of the stars!!!

compare last year, the sunrise is more to right, now is top of the Gua Charas, the perfect sunrise of the trip!

Gua charas

The Kampung boys and girls, this house is real fantastic, been use for movie shooting before,

Also still remain the movie script and al ot old school stuff inside. Stay tune for the full series of this house review! (this is not entrance of the house, but balcony..haha)

Surprising birthday

The lembing libary

The dragging hole

Crystal house


Lembing noodle home’ factory

Fish with pure natural water

Famous Si komg’ s coffee shop

Thanks for all of you joining this, it was a super fantastic trip for me!

Feb 23

After a year conquered the Mt.KK, so long don’t have such training for weekend morning.
We start the training begin for the next mt. Kota Kinabalu trip. The power walk at Gasing hill!

Haiwan haiwan at Bukit Gasing…Beware.

Dec 11

The beauty of this hill is the tall and dense weed, not feeling itchy on skin, yet it is so soft when crossing by…When the strong wind blowing, the weed will like dancing at the hill…the Broga Hill at Semenyih.

My film series of broga Hill, by Natura Black , film : Fujifilm 200

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An outing to Broga Hill

Jul 2
Mt.Kinabalu Day 3-5
Clive | hiking, Travel | 07 2nd, 2008 | 5 Comments »

Final photos for the Mt.Kinabalu, depart from Mesilau’s trail on 8;45am to Half hill – Raban Rata.
Total 6.7KM to reach. Weather is bad on the day, it was raining few times when climbing, There have like never ending staircase to go through, but yet scenery is damn good. I reach Raban Rata on 4pm, weather is cold.

We had our buffet dinner on 5pm, then have to start to sleep, because morning 2am have to gather and climb to peak. We was ready on 2am, but too bad also the hard rain to stop us getting up, portal ask us whether need to try luck if the peak no rain, if not half way have to turn back. We just gamble this time, and luckly, the weather is getting good during up. It was like more more challenge to waiting us, most of the hiker give up on the most slope area…
i was totally exhausted but still not reach the peak, sky is full of star, road is dark…it is only can see the light from my head light..just keep walking..walk 10 steps and rest and continuous… portal keep encouraging, finally i was there, the peak 4095.2

You can download photos here

(Photos for the whole hiking track)

You can download photos here

(Photos for the whole hiking track)

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