Feb 24


Thanks again to everyone who was involved in this visit. Appreciate all yours efforts, fund, food, hugs, love & kisses (perhaps). I believe that once you tried the first charity visit, you can feel the joy and will get addicted to it.

This round we have more friends compared to the previous visit. I guess most of you guys have good fun with those kids. They are just so innocent & friendly when keep asking you to play around with them. And it’s so warm when they calling you ‘Gor Gor, Jie Jie” ( I hope that had no one has been called Uncle or Aunty).

Looking forward our next gathering. :)






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Jan 25


A meaningful sunday for us to have this trip. Taman Sinar Harapan at Kuala Kubu Bahru was a centre for handicapped and mentally person.  A big thank you for all the friends who attended, helped, and also those who had donated cash and goods. We managed to send all the goods to the center; a total of 30 cartons of diapers, 5 dozens clothes and 5 dozens pants. Total of cash donation is around 6K plus !! And we have some balance left and enough donate to another home. Stay tune for the next visit on Feb 7th. A big clap for everyone. Once again thank you for your generosity and kindness!

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P/S : We still left some balance of the donation, so we decided going to another home to donate. You are welcome to join us to TI-RATANA orphanage home visit on 7th Feb.  The details here :Events

Sep 14
88 Taiwan Typhoon Charity
Clive | charity | 09 14th, 2009 | 2 Comments »

Was involved into the 88 Taiwan Typhoon Charity shoot,  thanks to Andrew for the help,

and also meet some new friends. :)

Mar 2

Click here for the site!

I had launch a new micro site for I create angel.com which is The Angel’s Fund,
The purpose for this site is for the year 2009 all my photography earning job 10%  will goes to charity.

Also will organize some trip for homes visit and wish can get more friends to join us.
The warming heart are always welcome :)

Thanks to Alvin who wrote me the Slogan for the nice Chinese Calligraphy!

Jan 19

Buddy Say Keat this year organize the charity activity again to the orphanage, this year we got more friends to join us, we managed to collect total RM2450 to buy the daily stuffs for the children. After we groceries, we move ahead to the semenyih Shepherd’s Foundation Centre.

This orphanage have total 103 children, some of them are sick…due to the founder, the operating cost for this centre survive is around rm60K per month! Maybe what we donated for them is only enough for them in half month. The children there is very discipline yet their room is ultra clean and tidy!