Bangkok snap and shop

Nice Christmas deco can be seen around Bangkok shopping malls during this trip, weather also not that hot compare my previous Bangkok trip, the last 2 day was blow cold wind from morning and night, it is a good time to visit Bangkok at November. Below are some film photos taken.

Romantic X’mas tree in front of Platinum fashion mall

Cabs, like rainbow on the Bangkok road

Scenery at floating market

Fruits seller with a kind smile

Busy river

A relaxing boat trip around water village

Public phone, chair are provided

Checker and fancy bags attract my sight

The designer who design the character tees

Ugly and pretty face

Poor dog on the rushing street

more photos at facebook

3 Responses

  1. sherrina Says:

    good capture of your last pic :)

  2. ahfook Says:

    I like Bangkok too, except their cab drivers…

  3. clive Says:

    yes very rude…

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